Baia di Pertusola

Pertusola Site has been active since four decades in the
realization of great projects in the offshore and shipyard

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Metering Unit

Metering Unit can rely on personnel with proven experience
both in the specific area of custody trasfer metering
systems and in the management of complex and high-tech
systems, typical of Oil & Gas sector.

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Olmec Unit

Decades of experience and the continuous technological
innovation complete a sophisticated know-how in the big
mechanical steelworks sector.

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Oma Unit

Engineering-design services, construction-assembly and
maintenance of offshore facilities, onshore and for the
storage, processing, Separation, Filtration Gas and Crude
Oil in refineries.

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Oma Congo Unit

The Congo’s branch provides all services related to
logistics in Congo, assistance to all suppliers, the
interface with the customer and third parties for the
hook-up works, commissioning and support for the Start-Up.

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About us

Gruppo Antonini is an established industrial entity, that has seen a major rationalization of its operational resources as a result of corporate merging of its companies: Baia di Pertusola S.r.l., Nuova Oma S.r.l., Nuova Olmec S.r.l. and Nuova Oma Congo.

Gruppo Antonini always sets new challenges in areas that historically have seen it to stand out: oil & gas, large steel structures, industrial plant and pressure vessel manufacturing, maintenance of complex installations with particular reference to those for the production and treatment of hydrocarbons.

Metering Unit

Metering Unit arises from the constant search, by Gruppo Antonini S.p.A., for new markets and new business opportunities not only within the Oil & Gas sector, traditional for the Group, but also in other sectors characterized by great innovation and development.

Metering Unit has begun its activity in 2015, thanks to the skills acquired by Gruppo Antonini S.p.A. over decades of industrial activity and previous experiences in the Metering Systems for Custody Transfer.

Agreement between Gruppo Antonini S.p.A. and CANALTA Controls Ltd. for sales & marketing representation in Italy

Gruppo Antonini S.p.A., as part of the development of Metering Unit's activity, has signed an agreement with CANALTA Controls Ltd., a company based in Red Deer - Alberta (CANADA), for the distribution of its products on the Italian territory.

CANALTA produces equipments for gas flow measurement by means of a differential pressure generated by a calibrated orifice.
Some of these equipments are the Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting and the Double Block & Bleed Orifice Fitting which assure outstanding safety and operation performances.


WHP3 Local Equipment Room sail away

The Local Equipment Room (L.E.R.) of WHP3 Platform, manufactured by Gruppo Antonini for ENI Congo, has sailed away from Pertusola yard.

This L.E.R. has been built in record time, as Gruppo Antonini was awarded of this purchase order at the beginning of November 2016.

The L.E.R. is being transferred to Gruppo Antonini’s Yard in Pointe-Noire (Congo) for the following completion activities, before its installation onto WHP3 Platform.

SANMARI ship is performing the transportation to Pointe-Noire, E.T.A. February 8, 2017.

WHP4 platform sail away

WHP4 Platform, manufactured by Gruppo Antonini for ENI Congo, has sailed away from ILOGS Yard in Pointe-Noire (Republic of Congo) towards its installation site, 18 km offshore Congo.

WHP4 Platform makes part of Nenè Field, located in ENI Marine XII Block, offshore Congo.

WHP4 Jacket was manufactured by Gruppo Antonini in DII Yard (Louisiana – USA) then transported, on oceanic trip, to ILOGS Yard in Pointe-Noire.