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Ambrit supervision software

Ambrit is a leading provider of software solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Founded more than 25 years ago, in the last 15 years has developed innovative web based technologies in order to make direct, intuitive and effective the relationship between metering systems and their operators in the oil and gas industry at very competitive prices.

Ambrit can provide Supervisory Systems from simple to very complicated ones, with the considerable advantage of being products from shelf that the user can easily edit and modify to carry out the desired customizations in order to manage Reports, Batching, Proving , etc., acquiring real-time data or historical data, managing Alarms, Valves Actuation, Sequences, Verifications, Calibrations, Trends and all what is needed for the best performance of the flow measurement system.

Please note that this software is native with the most famous Flow Computers such as OMNI 3000/6000 and Daniel FLOWBOSS S600 and S600+ getting automatic their connection.

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Metrology End-to-End Metering Solutions

Metrology™ is a suite of metering applications that helps managing all aspects of the measurement process, from flow computer to product accounting.


Acquire - Metering HMI

Calibrate - Calibration Management

Profile - Measurement SCADA

Approve - Meter Proving

Inspect - Auditing

Record - Metering Logbook



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