GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA know the great importance of  environment and especially its preservation, which is why our company has always operate in full respect of the laws / International regulations on environmental protection.

GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA want to defend  the environment and it’s goal is the adoption of the best technologies to mitigate possible environmental impacts while protecting biodiversity.

Since several years, our Company are conducting targeted research to the development of CO2 emission mitigation measures, as required by the EC.

Through its Environmental Management System, GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA has implemented also a prevention systems for adverse environmental events, direct and indirect, associated with each type of productive activity.

To achieve results in the field of environmental protection, it is imperative to bring special attention to the preservation of health and safety at their companies, which is why GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA achieved an efficient management system, not only the Environmental nature, but complemented by safeguard programs of HEALTH and SAFETY (HSE).

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