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CANALTA CONTROLS Ltd. is a privately held Canadian company that began operations in 1986. The company now manufactures and service several product lines specifically targeting the oil&gas sector, including differential pressure metering devices and flow conditioning solutions.


Between the various products of CANALTA's catalogue (orifice plates, orifice flange unions, Venturi meters, flow conditioners) the Double Chamber systems stand out due to the easy maintenace/check/change of orifice plate, without the need of depressurizing the line, also in the new Double Block & Bleed version, that can assure oustanding safety and operation performance (Cat. 2 Isolation as per HSG 253) and that is going to become the new reference standard for those companies which put operational safety at the first place.

CANALTA Double Block & Bleed Orifice Fitting
Double Block & Bleed Orifice Fitting
CANALTA Contour FCH™ Flow Conditioner Housing
Flow Conditioner Housing
CANALTA Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting
Dual Chamber Orifice Fitting
CANALTA Single Chamber Orifice Fitting
Single Chamber Orifice Fitting









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