Omni Flow computer


OMNI Flow Computer is definitely the supplier that has had the most success in the world over the past 25 years. OMNI can boast an installed fleet of no less than 50,000 flow computers for custody transfer, for measures of both liquids and gases in 100 nations at least.

Even today some of the biggest companies, operating in the OIL&GAS field, specify OMNI as the preferred supplier.

OMNI is an indisputable choice for single or multi stream flow measurement systems: modular construction to provide exactly what is required by the application, both very simple or very complicated ones, according to commonly used international standards and equipped with the most required features.

Flow computer selection creates profit or peril in oil and gas metering systems because you never really plan on having mismeasurements. So, how will you know?

Reduce your risk, increase instrument reliability, and improve your margins — turn to OMNI, the most recognized and trusted brand of custody flow computers for oil and gas measurement.

Flow ComputerTubesGas-ShipTubes-Metering

When custody transfer is critical to your oil and gas operation, you need a flow computer that reduces risk and uncertainty. Operating margins have never been tighter in the industry, and knowing exactly how much product is changing hands is more critical than ever. Mismeasurement events and unnoticed minor errors of fractions of a percent result in major cumulative contract discrepancies.

For reliable, fiscal custody transfer measurement that you can trust, OMNI flow computers are the better choice.

OMNI flow computers are better by design, performance, and value:

  • Lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the flow computer
  • Five-year warranty – best in the industry
  • Proven accuracy and reliability
  • Auditable, simple configuration
  • Not complex, error-prone, untraceable, custom-programming
  • Low-risk configuration capabilities allow fast installation and commissioning
  • Fast delivery – as soon as next-day for some applications





From simple LACT oil field measurement to the most complex multi-stream, ship-loading terminals in the world, the OMNI track record stands alone. There are more OMNI Flow products connected to custody meters around the world than all other competitors combined.







OMNI Flow Computers are compliant and exceed the requirements for data processing and accuracy required by all International Standard Organizations such as API, ISO, OIML, AGA and are homologated according to MID.






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