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M&T was founded in early 2007 by a group of enthusiastic people, who brought together many years of experience working in advanced technology metering businesses, and has immediately drew attention for the new products become available which have won many awards for the innovations performed.

The M&T Ultrasonic Flow Meter (DFX) is based on the principle of transit-time difference measurement and is equipped with 32 ultrasonic beams. It is able to cover a wide range of flow-rates and viscosities.

DFX beams



DFX meters are directly proved against ball or compact provers on a wide range of Reynolds numbers (laminar, transition and turbulent flows). They are approved for fiscal metering and custody transfer in many countries. In addition, they comply with the relevant international standards such as API, OIML and GOST.

M&T produces also an Helical Turbine Meter (HTM) that is considered, in its field, the best choice for the measurement of fluids with highly variable chemical and physical characteristics.

HTMHTM esploso






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