Corruption is an impediment to the free market and fair competition.

ANTONINI GROUP SpA does not tolerate within their own company and in all its activities in its own country and abroad, any act of corruption, forbidding illegal favoritism, collusion and / or direct solicitations through third parties, personal advantages for oneself or for others. The ethical integrity and full compliance with the laws and regulations must be adhered  by all employees of GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA and by all suppliers during their qualification.

The Company undertakes to comply with the UN Convention against Corruption, the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in economic operations, requiring compliance with the agreement to all intermediaries, business partners who, in carrying out their activities with or on behalf of GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA, may have significant contacts with public officials.


Since 2011 introduces within its Regulation the British model of the Bribery Act, one of the most stringent measures in the fight against corruption at the international level, laying foundations for the implementation of guidelines on the implementation of restricted procedures that companies can implement to prevent acts of active / passive corruption to public or private entities and corruption of a foreign public official.

All the people of GRUPPO ANTONINI SpA are responsible for compliance with anti-corruption legislation and have a moral obligation to report all violations, requests for illegal payments, gifts, personal benefits, meals or expenses of attention, employment or other advanced tasks by a Public Official or a Private, introducing the use of a new tool for the collection of any reported misconduct through a "registry model."

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