History of the Group

The first Company of ANTONINI GROUP was created by the founder WALTER ANTONINI in the second half of the ‘40s, soon after the war.

The industrial future of Antonini Family owes its development, in the next two decades, to the remarkable skills and the entrepreneurial skills related to the traditional manufacturing vocation of the Italian Industry, typically family-run.

The Antonini Family began to operate in the sector of Naval Industry; it was subsequently integrated with light carpentry, then heavy medium carpentry, finally with industrial plants mounting activities.

After establishing himself as a supplier and privileged interlocutor of ENI, the Antonini Family entered into the construction field as a supplier of offshore structures and typical plants of Oil&Gas Platforms, such as Jackets, Decks, Accomodation and Process Modules, Skid mounted Packages, etc.

The Antonini Family quickly develops knowledge and skills in this field that allow it to become a leading supplier not only of ENI but also of its main operational partners such as AGIP, SAIPEM, SNAM PROGETTI, and to establish relationships with the major worldwide Oil Companies.

At the end of the ‘70s, WALTER ANTONINI, joined by first son Claudio, decided to invest, in order to have a coastal area and broaden the spectrum of the production chain, acquiring an area on the seaside in Pertusola Bay (Gulf of La Spezia): thus, in the year 1977, the Company NAVALMARE S.p.A. arised.

The goodness of this choice is still evident today, as in this plant it is implemented the assembly of large structures, prefabricated in Arcola production site, and equipments/packages as well as very complex products, manufactured in Groppoli production site, allowing Antonini Group to compete for the production of structures of considerable size and complexity.

The Pertusola Yard is therefore a strategic sea outlet that allows ANTONINI GROUP to perform transportation activities as well as installation of the manufactured plants at the offshore site.

The Antonini Family has set five major companies, which are represented in the GROUP's logo as the teeth of a gear: NUOVA OLMEC, NUOVA OMA, TLPR, BAIA DI PERTUSOLA (formerly Navalmare) and the YACHTING UNIT.

During the year 2014 Claudio and his three sons (Massimo, Lorenzo and Simone) have decided to invest even more in corporate reality and starting the process of renewal and business improvement which led to the establishment, through the merger, of GRUPPO ANTONINI S.p.A.

Today, as all companies/resources have merged into a single organization, the teeth of our logo stand for the values on which the new GROUP has been conceived and designed: Work, Responsibility, Honesty, Consistency and Family.

ANTONINI GROUP can count on a total of 600 to 1,000 people, including direct and indirect personnel.

Currently the Group has 3 operational offices in Italy, headquarters of Groppoli, Arcola site, Baia di Pertusola Shipyard, and an operational Branch in Congo.

The subassemblies, manufactured by the two Companies in the hinterland, are assembled in Pertusola Shipyard in order to erect the entire structure.

On completion, the whole structure is loaded out and transported to the destination site for the final operations of Hook-up and Commissioning.

In addition to the offshore industry, each company has developed its own specialization as follows:

Military industry (battle tanks armoured cars…) Ship construction Vessels
Vessels Container cranes erection Aluminium structures
Skids Yacht manufacturing and maintenance Desalinators
Heat exchangers Big process plant assembly Skid mounted packages
Separator Power barges Titanium Exchangers
Storage tanks Yachting & Marina Triethylene Exchangers
Water treatment plants Offshore erection and installation Heat Exchangers
Offshore structures