Metering Unit

Metering Unit arises from the constant search, by Gruppo Antonini S.p.A., for new markets and new business opportunities not only within the Oil & Gas sector, traditional for the Group, but also in other sectors characterized by great innovation and development.

Metering Unit has begun its activity in 2015, thanks to the skills acquired by Gruppo Antonini S.p.A. over decades of industrial activity and previous experiences in the Metering Systems for Custody Transfer.

Metering Unit can rely on personnel with proven experience both in the specific area of custody trasfer metering systems and in the management of complex and high-tech systems, typical of Oil & Gas sector.

The close partnerships with leading international companies, operating for many years in custody transfer metering systems, completes the organizational framework in which Metering Unit is operating and are crucial for achieving ambitious results in a globalized and highly competitive market that requires we to pay particular attention to Customer satisfaction and support, the primary objective of Gruppo Antonini S.p.A.:

"We believe that the satisfaction of our Customers for the support we provide’em in solving all the problems characteristic of complex, multivariable systems, such as those of custody transfer metering, can be for us the best business card to gain more and more confidence both with the Clients and with our Partners."

   Massimo Antonini
Commercial Director

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