Congo Branch

History and Activities

The Congo Branch of Gruppo Antonini was founded in 2011, it arose from Gruppo Antonini's desire to get into the front lines of the international scene.

The administrative headquarters are based in the city of Pointe Noire (Congo), located in the park of NDT CONGO, Avenue De Havre, Base Industrielle Total En diagonal de Boscongo.

The Congo Branch has now a workforce of more than 180 people.

Depending on the activities to be carried out, Gruppo Antonini avails two areas:

• M'boundi area: 10.000 sqm (workshop, warehouse, office, living area)

• Port area: 5.000 sqm (workshop, warehouse, offices)

The Congo Branch provides all services related to logistics in Congo: assistance to all suppliers, interfaces with customer and third parties for the hook-up works, commissioning and support for the Start-Up, in order to conform to all the requirements for the best performance of the work in Congo.