Gruppo Antonini S.p.A. is an established industrial entity founded and run by the Antonini family in the La Spezia area, that has seen a major rationalization of its operational resources as a result of corporate merging in 2016 of the old family’s companies. Gruppo Antonini always sets new challenges in areas that historically have seen it to stand out: Oil&Gas, large steel structures, industrial plant and pressure vessel manufacturing, maintenance of complex installations with particular reference to those for the production and treatment of hydrocarbons.

In 2019, the Antonini family decided to invest more in the promising market of superyachts by founding Antonini Navi together with Aldo Manna, a well-known expert of sales and yacht management in the industry. The construction of ships and yachts for third parties has always been an important business for the Antonini family. The founder Walter’s dream was to make the firm a leader in the nautical sector. More than 50 years later, Gruppo Antonini decided to create a new brand together with Mr. Manna to build full custom yachts for clients around the world.



The Founder - Walter Antonini

The first company of Gruppo Antonini was created by the founder Walter Antonini in the second half of the ‘40s. He started to repair metal structures that were damaged by the bombings during WWII.


Antonini Family enters the naval sector

In the ‘50s, the Antonini Family began to operate in the sector of naval industry; it was subsequently integrated with light carpentry, then heavy medium carpentry, finally with industrial plants mounting activities.

The development in the Oil&Gas field

After establishing himself as a supplier and privileged interlocutor of ENI, the Antonini Family entered into the construction field as a supplier of offshore structures and typical plants of Oil&Gas Platforms.

The growth

The Antonini Family quickly develops knowledge and skills in the Oil&Gas field that allows the firm to grow and finally become a leading supplier of the major Italian and international companies in the energy sector.


The new shipyard NAVALMARE

At the end of the ‘70s, WALTER ANTONINI, joined by first son Claudio, decided to invest, in order to have a coastal area and broaden the spectrum of the production chain, acquiring an area on the seaside in Pertusola Bay (Gulf of La Spezia): thus, in the year 1977, the Company NAVALMARE S.r.l. arised.

NAVALMARE, a new era

At the NAVALMARE shipyard (today named Pertusola Site) the Antonini family started building and repairing big commercial ships and performing transportation activities as well as installation of the manufactured structures at the offshore sites.


Gruppo Antonini S.p.A.

In 2014, Claudio and his three sons (MassimoLorenzo and Simone) decided to invest even more in the corporate reality. In fact, the firms of the family merged in a single company called Gruppo Antonini S.p.A. and a new development plan started. 


Antonini Navi

In 2019, Antonini family and Aldo Manna founded Antonini Navi with the aim of building full custom yachts. In that year, the 10-year investment masterplan began to make the shipyard site more efficient and competitive to the market. 


The new Antonini Navi’s shed

In 2021, the first objective of the master plan was achieved: the new Antonini Navi’s shed was completed.

Gruppo Antonini currently has three sites in Italy and various offices and work areas around the world, such as the Congo one. The operational headquarter of the firm is the Pertusola site, in which the administrative, technical and management offices are located. In this site, it is implemented the assembly of large structures, prefabricated in Arcola production site, and very complex piping structures, manufactured in Groppoli production site. 



Ship and yacht construction

Offshore erection and installation

Big process plant assembly




Military industry

Storage tanks

Heat exchangers




Pressure vessels

Titanium Exchangers

Skid mounted packages


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